More about the Data Hub

The Data Hub is the living data repository of the E3P

The Data Hub is the tool where the quantitative evidence guarded in support of the E3P knowledge basis is shared and made available for further elaboration and visualisation.   

Datasets shared through the Data Hub are meant to directly support specific content of the E3P (e.g. a wikEE Article or a Publication). But datasets can also be self-standing.

Experts can browse, select, chart, save and share datasets, thus making the Data Hub the place where the energy efficiency community can collectively build an up-to-date and expanding data repository.

Who can upload a dataset?

Any expert can upload a dataset, provided that s/he is registered (login) and has been granted contributors' rights (How to update my profile).

Why uploading and sharing datasets?

Because datasets provide the quantitative evidence that supports the content of the E3P or broadly contribute to the construction of a strong evidence basis for the energy efficiency community. Moreover, sharing datasets may allow other experts to build on previous findings to elaborate further hypothesis.

For example the JRC report the Covenant of Mayors in figures and performance indicators: 6 years' assessment contains tables and figures that are readily accessible in the Data Hub.

In the Data Hub datasets are fully available to other experts: users can browse and discover datasets, extract or compare sub-sets, visualise the results and export charts and simple maps, along with the underlying data.

What about copyrights?

Rights and obligations of the users to make use of the content of Commission's websites are included in the EC legal notice.

Rights and obligations of the JRC to make use of user's contributions on the E3P website are included in the E3P Terms of Use. Users need to agree on the E3P terms of use when registering on the E3P.


How to work with a dataset?


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