Content of the Guided Tour Cities

Created by
Isabella MASCHIO Scientific / Technical Project Officer
European Commission - DG JRC, Directorate C - Energy, Transport and Climate
Urban Areas

What should be presented ?

This is the list of the content that could be displayed in a E3P Guided Tour on Cities and the Covenant of Mayors. The idea is that the Guided Tour gives an overview both of the content and of the tools available in the E3P.


  • Article on EE in Cities
  • News related to the article
  • Datasets related to the article


  • Article on CoM initiative, with External link to the CoM website
  • Article How to prepare a SEAP with some Comment/questions from Signatories with link to Guideline document
  • Article on the Report 6 years' assessment with
  • Datasets CoM: BEI,
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