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The European Commission has committed unilaterally to recognising cities involved in the Covenant and promote their public visibility. The Commission has implemented and funded the Covenant of Mayors Office, which provides technical and promotional support, including implementation of evaluation and monitoring tools, mechanisms to facilitate sharing of know-how between territories and tools to facilitate replication and multiplication of successful measures.

The Commission is committed to both, provide guidelines and benchmark examples for possible implementation and to link to existing activities and networks that support the role of local government in the field of climate protection.

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) - Institute for Energy and Transport (IET) and Institute for Environment and Sustainability (IES) will take on these tasks, in close collaboration with the Covenant of Mayors Office. The Commission also invites other actors to become involved in the Covenant of Mayors as Supporting Structures.

Key players also support the initiative: the EU Committee of the Regions, the European Parliament and the European Investment Bank.

Covenant of Mayors Office

Involvement of networks of local authorities are the core element of the Covenant of Mayors Office. Funded through the Intelligent Energy Europe programme, it consists of a dedicated team of professionals, aiming to facilitate networking activities within the Covenant, support the promotion of the Covenant of Mayors, monitor the implementation of the Covenant by participating cities, provide technical support, support liaison with other actors in the Covenant and support liaison with other relevant EU initiatives and policies.

Scientific and technical advice and support by the JRC

The preparation of Action Plans and reports requires that the cities acquire some technical and scientific skills. The JRC supports cities by:

·         operating a technical helpdesk service in co-operation with the Covenant of Mayors Office;

·         researching existing methodologies and tools for SEAP preparation and CO2 emissions inventories;

·         providing guidelines for drafting action plans and baseline CO2 emission inventory;

·         Providing feedback to the cities on their action plan;

·         developing guidance on SEAP monitoring.

Supporting Structures

Supporting Structures are public administrations able to provide strategic guidance, financial and technical support to municipalities with the political will to sign up to the Covenant, but lacking the skills and/or resources to prepare and approve Sustainable Energy Action Plans. Networks of local authorities committing to improve the impact of the Covenant can also become Supporting Structures, keeping a close contact with the Commission to ensure the best possible implementation of the Covenant. Networks of local and regional authorities can also act as Supporting Structures.

More information about Supporting Structures and how to become one of them, may be found on the Covenant of Mayors website.
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