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Tiago SERRENHO Scientific Project Officer
European Commission - DG JRC, Directorate C - Energy, Transport and Climate
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The European Energy Efficiency Platform (E3P) launch event, occurring in Brussels on the 5th of April, had an introductory roundtable session, according with the agenda.

Some of the conclusions can be found in the following text:

Vladimir Sucha, Director General, EC DG JRC:

- There is an abundance of data from diverse sources.

- Data needs to be aggregated.

- Abundance of data is a problem/challenge but also an opportunity


Mary Donnelly, Director for Renewables, Research & Innovation, and Energy Efficiency, EC DG Energy

The Benefits of having a database: You are able to gather and pull out information

  • We don’t understand information
  • We also need more information
  • Insufficient use of information on SMEs


Lack of data does not allow policy to be objective/effective


Dominique Ristori, Director General, EC DG Energy

  • Right moment to address the issue of information and data gathering
  • Full support for the initiative
  • EE on top of priorities in EU policy in Energy
  • EE Crucial to reduce emissions
  • EE and RES are on top of the agenda
  • More important than ever after COP21
  • Priority: EE essencial to boost economy growth and jobs
  • Priority PRODUCTS – With Ecolabel and Ecodesign frameworks. Products are key on EE policy.
  • It is time to promote heating and cooling. There is a need to identify relevant technique and for this, scientific support is needed.
  • EE represents major economic opportunity to Europe


Claude Turmes – MEP

  • How do we continue promoting efficiency with low oil, gas and electricity prices?
  • This platform is not the full solution and will not have all the answers but is a good step. EE is highly complex and E3P can contribute to simplify it.
  • Having a learning platform/ learning factory is key in promoting efficiency
  • The main problems lie with commercial buildings
  • Green Office program should be created for promoting efficiency in non residential buildings
  • Also a business platform for aggregators should be created

3 Top priorities:    

  • Products
  • Cities
  • Industrial Efficiency


Andras Siegler – Director for Energy, DG RTD

- We use data and information an produce data and knowledge

- Full support on developing the platform

- The way out is to find new cheaper/ cost effective technologies

- SET Plan: 10 areas on the Roadmap: 4 of them with EE – Buildings, industry, transport, consumers

- Will bring knowledge into the platform


Elisabeth Hamdouch – Deputy Head of Unit, Clean Technologies and Products, EC DG GROW

- The community aspect of the E3P is very important

- Potential links with the circular economy

- Open to contribute to the platform

- Some case studies on energy intensive industry, reports, data from the construction sector on the existing building stock


François Moisan, ADEME

- There is a need for evaluation and monitoring of energy efficiency policies

- There are questions on digital transition 

- On the amount of data (Big Data. eg Smart Meter data

- Issues for privacy

- What is of public interest in terms of data needs to be identified

- Expectations for E3P:

  • EE benchmarking
  • EE policies implementation and impact evaluation (database and report analysis)
  • Detailed EE technologies and policies roadmaps
  • Energy Saving potential assessment and EE scenarios
  • Cost of EE technologies and works, EE cost abatement curve.


Paolo Falcioni, Director General, European Committee of Domestic  Equipment Manufacturers, CECED

- Nowadays a good portion of the market with low energy classes

- Policy should assess benefit of replacing old and inefficient installed stock with today’s high EE technologies

- Asks the Commission to share data




Reflecting on above notes, I think the following data is largely missing and would be very helpful: * Information on EU building stock and construction activity, including information on the types of buildings being developed in various segments (homes, apartments, office buildings, hospitals, ...) together with their energy class and some information on energy performance and technical installations. BPIE has good data on this. * Information on appliance stock and sales; apart from ecodesign studies, there doesn't appear to be much information available, and what can be found is very fragmented and often proprietary. * Information on real efficiency of equipment in use, as opposed to laboratory tests. * A database on audits and measures, tailored on the US Industrial Assessment Center.
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