Call for Experts in the area of Energy and geolocation data

Urban Areas
Sunday, May 15, 2016 - 17:30

This is a call for Experts in the area of energy performance of buildings, sustainable energy planning at local level and/or geolocation data.

The JRC has carried out the feasibility study "Location data for buildings related energy efficiency policies" to investigate how location data can support energy efficiency policies, in particular for the assessment of energy performance and needs of buildings and urban areas.

The study confirmed that the use of geolocated data (such as cadastrial data e.g.) can improve the quality of the input data for the assessment of the energy performance of buildings and the energy need of buildings and districts. They can also contribute to improve sustainable energy planning and monitoring in urban areas.

The JRC is now launching a pilot project for the application to the local and regional levels of the methodologies identified in the pilot study for the assessment of energy needs and for the scaling up from building, to district, cities and regions.

Experts are expected to participate in the working group and to contribute with  knowledge of methodologies for the assessment of energy performance of buildings, of energy needs at local level and of geolocation data for energy applications


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