10th international conference on Improving Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings and Smart Communities (IEECB&SC’18)

Technology and Standards
Behaviours and Social
Energy Generation and Distribution


The conference is addressed to energy policy makers at international, national, and local level, academic, researchers and energy efficiency experts, ESCOs, utilities, buildings energy and environmental managers, buildings engineers and architects, equipment manufacturers and commercial property investors, with the aim to promote and diffuse the concept of energy efficiency in new and existing commercial buildings and enlarge the market for low consumption and sustainable non- residential buildings.

The conference covers also the topic of smart and sustainable districts, communities and cities, as energy systems efficiency and renewable energies are often optimized at district or city level.



The topics for the Call for Abstracts include:

  • (non-residential) Building policies and programmes, including design, implementation and evaluation;
  • (non-residential) Building design, retrofits and simulation programmes;
  • Specific technologies (HVAC, lighting, advanced material for insulation and storage, RES integration, poly-generation, building control systems);
  • Audits and commissioning, energy management, ESCOs and financing;
  • Control systems, Smart buildings and demand response;
  • Behaviour (occupants and property owners) and investment decisions;
  • Smart and sustainable districts, communities and cities;

Accepted abstracts will be presented at the conference (oral presentation). There are no registration fees for accepted abstract presenters, including co-authors



It is an interesting topics to come up and indeed will be educative and informative.

We can also shed on maintenance and sustainability And availability
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