Energy and Location

The Energy and Location group has been created as a follow up of the workshop Spatial data for modelling building stock energy needs, held at JRC-Ispra on 24-26 November 2015 as an informal network to take part in further discussions and actions.

The workshop was organised by the Institute for Environment and Sustainability (IES) - Digital Earth and Reference Data Unit and the Institute for Energy and Transport (IET) - Renewable and Energy Efficiency Unit of the European Commission Joint Research Centre.

The main objective of this workshop was to share experience in data collection and methodologies to support energy efficiency policies and scope a possible pilot to establish a harmonised approach supporting EPBD, EED and COM using INSPIRE as a ‘location’ framework.

The outcome of the workshop are available in the proceedings Spatial data for modelling building stock energy needs.

It was agreed that the pilot study envisaged in the JRC Energy and Location project should focus on issues of: scaling (from building to building stock), data requirements and treatment (including anonymization and uncertainty), connecting databases by conversion and control routines. The list of the use cases will be reported soon.


16-02-16 This group is launching a Call for experts   (closed)

23-02-16 The Proceedings of the workshop have been published, along with the Annex to proceedings which contains the presentations given by the participants.

04-06-16 We invite contributions on INSPIRE and Energy for a dedicated workshop at the INSPIRE Conference 2016 in Barcelona, September 24-30

12-09-16 Workshop Methodologies for energy performance assessment based on location data in JRC-Ispra, September 12-14 (by invitation)

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