Broadband Communication Equipment Codes of Conduct

Expectations are that broadband (BB) equipment will contribute considerably to the electricity consumption of households in European Community in the near future. Depending on the penetration level, the specifications of the equipment and the requirements of the service provider, a total European consumption of up to 50 TWh per year can be estimated for the year 2015. With the general principles and actions resulting from the implementation of this Code of Conduct the (maximum) electricity consumption could be limited to 25 TWh per year, this is equivalent to 5,5 Millions tons of oil equivalent (toe) and to total saving of about € 7,5 Billions per year.

The potential new electrical load represented by this equipment needs to be addressed by EU energy and environmental policies. It is important that the electrical efficiency of broadband equipment is maximised.

To help all parties to address the issue of energy efficiency whilst avoiding competitive pressures to raise energy consumption of equipment all service providers, network operators, equipment and component manufacturers are invited to sign this Code of Conduct.

This Code of Conduct group sets out the basic principles to be followed by all parties involved in broadband equipment, operating in the European Community, in respect of energy efficient equipment.

List of Participants:


Cisco Systems Inc.
Deutsche Telekom AG
France Telecom Group
Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson
HUAWEI Technologies CO., LTD
Kontron, d.o.o.
Portugal Telecom, SA
Telecom Italia
Telia Company
TDC Services
Telefonica SA
ZTE corporation
Calix Inc


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