Data collection on nZEB & deep retrofit buildings

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European Commission - DG JRC, Directorate C - Energy, Transport and Climate
Policies and Targets

The European Commission's directorate general Joint Research Centre (JRC) is creating an international database of nZEB and deep retrofit buildings through this data collection which will allow comparison across member states. This harmonised data collection will become the basis of a common picture of the EU state of the art in implementing the Energy Perfomance of Buildings Directive in the existing buildings. The data collected will be analysed by the JRC and made available to E3P users in an aggregated form through the Data Hub.

For more information read the "Deep renovation and nZEB data collection" article.

Who? JRC aims to collect information from the largest number of examples of nearly Zero Energy Buildings and deep retrofit buildings.
The collection is open to anyone willing to share with JRC the data related to renovated buildings that achieve high energy performance results. JRC will principally analyse data related to European experiences, nonetheless, we are also keen to collect information from buildings outside Europe for a useful comparison.

Why? Only Contributors to the data collection will have access to the scientific raw data collected (unless limited by the data owner). Contributors will also receive the reports produced by JRC based on the data collection.

Before you start: make sure you are registered to the E3P. This gives you the possibility to start contributing, continue a saved incomplete submission and update your completed submissions. A Contributor may upload data related to more buildings by filling one form for each building.

Mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk (*). For some sensitive data you can chose to restrict the use to JRC only by ticking the corresponding check box.

Thank you in advance for participation!

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