Experts' round table on practice theory and complex adaptive systems theory

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Behaviours and Social
Urban Areas
Transport and Mobility
Energy Generation and Distribution

An experts' round table has been organized by the JRC on 26 and 27 February 2015 in order to discuss how the latest findings in the field of practice theory and complex adaptive systems theory can be possibly incorporated in the formulation of future energy conservation policies.

Aspects discussed have related, among others, to:

  • how practice theory allows identifying, monitoring and possibly steering the main drivers of (energy) demand;
  • How design, implementation and monitoring of current energy efficiency policies should be changed in order to take the findings of practice theory into account;
  • applications of CAS theory principles to design policies for the governance of social-ecological systems;
  • possible applications of time-use and socio-economic metabolism studies to the formulation of future energy conservation policies.


Practice Theory & Complex Adaptive Systems Theory (N. Labanca, JRC - Ispra)994.44KB
Rhythms of practices: implications for energy demand (E. Shove, DEMAND/Department of Sociology, Lancaster University (UK))1.45MB
How acknowledging the body could inform policy (G. Wallenborn and H. Wilhite)749.78KB
How System Thinking Approaches and the Notion of Energy Metabolism...(B.D. Fath, Towson University, USA)2.49MB
Trade-off between power and efficiency in the evolution of complex systems (F. Ruzzenenti – University of Siena, Italy)1.75MB
Designing and coalescing energy-saving policy instruments:... (F. Bartiaux, Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium)622.16KB
Household metabolism and social practices. A model for assessing... (D. Padovan, University of Torino, Italy)866.68KB
Evaluating Complex Social Interventions in a Complex World: The Energy Issue Context (D. Byrne, Durham University, UK)484.61KB
Households perspectives on energy efficiency: timing, duration & sequence of activities (J. Palm, Linköping University, Sweden)1.45MB
Numbers and Stories: Toward Improving what Energy Sustainability Policy can see (M. Moezzi, Portland State University, USA)1.33MB
Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire des Energies de Demain (Halloy, Paris Interdisciplinary Energy Research Institute, France)3.12MB
Commons Dilemmas in Coupled Infrastructure Systems: Governance challenges,... (J.M. Anderies, Arizona State University, USA)1.15MB
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