Workshop on Provision of Highly Efficient Heating and Cooling Solutions for Residential Buildings with Focus on Eastern EU Member States

Policies and Targets

This is the second of two regional workshops (this one with focus on Eastern EU countries:  Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria) on how directed work towards consumers can contribute to efficient heating and cooling solutions (products, installer services, other energy services, self-production) building renovation advice; evaluation and recommendations of energy professionals (auditors, service providers, ESCOs, etc.) in follow up of the Heating and Cooling Strategy (COM(2016)51). The workshops will focus on the following topics:

  • Energy efficiency solutions with focus on heating and cooling (e.g. heat pumps, solar thermal, etc.), and building renovation (including also information on some policy tools such as national/regional Buildings Codes (part of the national implementation of the EPC) and Energy Performance Certificates).
  • Financing options for energy efficiency improvements in residential buildings.
  • Local available providers of energy efficiency solutions such as utilities, ESCOs, installers, manufacturers.
  • consumer rights vis-à-vis energy efficiency services (provided by utilities, ESCOs, installers) in particular on claims future energy savings resulting by installation of EE solutions or guarantees for equipment installed or contract with utilities for packages including energy and equipment or on split incentives (landlord-tenant conflicts for investment in EE solutions).
  • Tools, media and best way to provide the information (social media, website, personal advice, feedback and billing, energy audits, etc.)

The workshop will also include presentations on improving the capabilities of existing national contact points  and consumer organisations for energy with respect to energy efficiency solution, in particular with respect to consumer financing and financial support schemes in the concerned Member States, and will also exchange best practices for contact points. The workshops will include elements on consumer rights vis-s-vis the provision of energy services.

Event Presentations: 
Energy Supply Contracts for Combined Heating and Cooling in new buildings based on Water-Water Heat Pumps systems
Andrea Pancotti - SE Predaj, s.r.o. , Slovakia
File Download (1.61 MB)
Experiences on Technical Assistance and Energy Services to Residential Communities in Hungary and their Development Perspectives
Kinga Horváth, EnergoSyS Inc., Hungary
PDF icon Download (3.25 MB)
Using the ESCO model for the residential sector: challenges and barriers
Vlasta Zanki, HEP - ESCO d.o.o., Croatia
File Download (8.63 MB)
Energy Performance contracting in Latvia. State of the art and future actions
Dzintars Jaunzems, SIA “RENESCO”, Latvia
File Download (5.84 MB)
EBRD financing for Energy Efficiency in Buildings
Sumeet Manchanda, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
PDF icon Download (2.3 MB)
Croatia Residential Sustainable Energy Financing Facility
Goga Tropcic Zekan, Klimaproing, Crotia
File Download (12.63 MB)
Retail bank loans for Energy Efficiency, focus on the market in Bulgaria
Marko Markov, Econoler S.A., Bulgaria
File Download (556.17 KB)
Financing energy efficiency in multi-apartment buildings in Estonia
Lauri Suu, KredEx, Estonia
PDF icon Download (1.45 MB)
Energy efficient renewal of multi-apartment and public buildings in Lithuania
Marius Smaidžiūnas, Betalt, Lithuania
File Download (6.98 MB)
EE activities in Slovakia related to informing and helping residential consumers for the refurbishment of residential buildings
Denisa Andrejcova, State Advisor, Division of Civil Engineering, Section of Construction
File Download (463.7 KB)
Building residents: vulnerable consumers or demanding clients?
Carmen Pavel, ESCOROM, Romania
File Download (2.04 MB)
Encouraging citizen participation: Increasing take up of efficiency via local, trusted advice services and community action for energy including production, renovation and appliance use in the home
Brian Whitington, Tighean Innse Gall (TIG), UK
PDF icon Download (4.13 MB)
Educating and informing the consumers on energy issues - the Hungarian experience
David Korody, NFACPH, Hungary
Office presentation icon Download (14.29 MB)
Energy efficiency and vulnerable consumers in consumer organisation campaigns
Kamil Pluskwa-Dąbrowski, National Council Polish Consumer Federation, Poland
File Download (2.55 MB)
Information to consumers: The Swedish example
Carin Råberger, Swedish energy agency, Sweden
File Download (8.62 MB)
Consumer energy advice in Finland; approach and examples
Irmeli Mikkonen, Motiva, Finland
File Download (8.69 MB)
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