How do I register on E3P?

I would like to start contributing to the European Energy Efficiency Platform. How can I register on E3P?

Registering on E3P is very simple: all you need to do is passing your mouse over the "Login" option in the menu (top right) and click on the "Log in using EU Login" button that appears.

EU Login is the formner ECAS (European Commission Authentication Service). An EU Login account allows you to access large number of online web applications and sites. Having an account on EU Login is not reserved only to the European institutions personel, but it is also available to any citizen that makes a request.

  • If you are working or have worked for a European institution or a European project you might already have an EU Login account and you can use it to log on E3P.
  • If you do not have an EU Login account choose the option "Create an account" and follow the EU Login wizzard to complete your subscription. After providing your name and email address, and accepting the specific EU Login Privacy policy, you will receive a verification email message. Click on the link and validate your email address in EU Login. You will be redirected and logged in the E3P website. At that point, you can surf on E3P.


In order to be able to contribute to the platform, you must create an Expert profile (link).

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