Five companies won the 2016 EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres Awards

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On 7th June, five companies received the 2016 EU Code of Conduct Award for Energy Efficiency in Data Centres during the Datacloud Conference in Monaco.

The Code of Conduct is the only independent scheme in the EU to certify that a data centre has adopted energy efficiency best practices. Data centres measure their energy efficiency in Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE). The ideal value is 1 PUE, but most data centres have an average value of 2.0. The winning companies have significantly reduced their energy consumption, some reaching a PUE of 1.1. The measures taken were:




  • cold aisle containment
  • reuse energy with heat pumps for offices within the data centre and for adjacent buildings
  • optimise free cooling
  • electricity from renewable energy sources
  • rainwater recycling systems for hybrid cooling towers
  • migration of UPS batteries to separate enclosures to increase operating temperature of UPS and electrical switchgear
  • underground concrete structure of the data centre used as a natural heat drain
  • modular, scalable power and cooling architecture that allows deployment as needed
  • increase of indoor air temperature

Energy efficiency targets are complemented by general commitments to monitor power and energy consumption, adopt management practices, switching off components not needed, and reducing energy consumption where possible.


List of winners


b<>com, Institute of Research and Technology, with a data centre in Rennes, France

Six Degrees Group, with a data centre in Birmingham, United Kingdom

FCO Services, with a data in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom

EBRC ,with data centres Resilience Centre Luxembourg South (Kayl), Luxembourg

ATMAN, corporate winners with 4 data centres in Poland

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