Smart city platform aggregates, maps open data

Urban Areas

By Stephanie Kanowitz, Dec 03, 2014 - GCN

Although the number of open, public data sets available is growing, IT managers find it difficult to combine or compare data in ways that would illuminate some of the chronic problems now facing local governments. But now cities have a one-stop shop for aggregating information in multiple data sets and applying time and location parameters that can deliver actionable analytics.  

That’s the objective of Plenario, a tool launched in alpha form in September that aims to become the platform and framework for building smart city applications. Plenario lets users to study regions over specified time periods using all relevant data, regardless of original source, and represent the data as a single time series. By providing a hub for open data, the company said, Plenario lets city managers ask the right questions with as few constraints as possible.
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