Winners announced: ISO 50001 for energy, carbon, and cost reduction; their case studies now online

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Thirty-five businesses across 20 countries have been selected for global recognition as part of the inaugural Energy Management Leadership Awards program sponsored by the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM), a high-level international forum that promotes policies and programs to advance clean energy.

This program showcases and shares energy management successes and best practices of early adopters of the ISO 50001 energy management system standard.

To qualify for these awards, organizations prepared case studies to share a high-quality and replicable description of their ISO 50001 implementation and certification, resulting business benefits, and useful advice on lessons learned and keys to success. An independent panel of international experts selected the winners.

All the award winning case studies are now available online as a resource and inspiration for others!

On June 2, 2016, three companies will receive top honors, the Award of Excellence in Energy Management, at the annual CEM meeting in San Francisco, California: Cummins Inc. (USA), LG Chem Ltd. (Republic of Korea), and New Gold Inc. (Canada). Another 32 companies will receive Energy Management Insight Awards for helping to build global insight on the benefits of energy management systems in industrial and commercial facilities.

The results of the award program underscores the strong climate and business benefits of investment in energy efficiency by companies large and small and across a wide range of sectors around the world. Participating companies reported annual energy cost savings of up to $13.5 million USD and annual greenhouse gas emission reductions of up to 238,000 tonnes of CO2, equivalent to taking 51,000 passenger vehicles off the road per year.
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