The Covenant of Mayors in Figures and Performance Indicators: 6-year Assessment

Albana Kona
Giulia Melica
Silvia Rivas Calvete
Paolo Zancanella
Andreea Iancu
Irena Gabrielaitiene
Yamina Saheb
Greet Janssens-Manhout
Paolo Bertoldi
Policies and Targets
Urban Areas

6 years of Covenant of Mayors in figures: Assessment report shows cities' ambition

The European Commission's Joint Research Centre just published a 6-year assessment report on the Covenant of Mayors.

Based on the data collected from Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) submitted by Covenant signatories as of mid-May 2014, the report provides main statistics of the data set in terms of GHG emissions and estimated reductions, final energy consumptions and estimated energy savings and clean energy production in the local authorities.

Although the minimum commitment was to reduce the current emissions by 20%, Covenant signatories who have already submitted a SEAP as of mid-May 2014, have estimated for 2020 an overall reduction of 28% of the overall GHG emissions.

The report also provides interesting statistics per country. Can you guess which country has the highest average target per capita in terms of CO2 reduction or energy savings? Find out in the report!
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