How can I create or update my Expert profile?

Registering and creating your profile is essential to get the best out of the E3P Platform. The Platform is based on the contribution of users, therefore, it relies on the community to provide information. In order to gather reliable information, the E3P must guarantee the legitimacy of the users uploading information.

To do so, the E3P has a two-step registration system which we will look into further detail here below.

EU Login Authentication

Before registration to the E3P portal can be done, the user must first register to the EU Login (former ECAS, European Commission's Identification System). EU Login authenticates the user before he can proceed to register and create his profile on the portal. When you click on the Login menu tab the first time you access the E3P you will automatically be redirected to EU Login.

E3P Profile and Registration

Once authenticated by EU Login, the user will be redirected to the E3P portal where he will be prompted to create his profile. The user will be asked to:

a. insert his personal details (Tab 1)

b. Fill out the Domain of expertise (Tab 2), including the selection of one of the six main thematic areas, and to provide further information in order to create a profile that correctly reflects the user's background.

Updating your profile

If you would like to update your profile, or whether you haven't finalised the profile when you first accessed the portal you can do so simply by selecting from the top menu the 'My Tools' tab. This menu item provides the preview of you profile and by selecting the edit icon next to your name you will be brought to the profile page where you will be able to make all the necessary changes.

This site is in beta version - some features may be unstable. Please report issues to the E3P Webmaster using the contact form.