The Size of the U.S. Energy Efficiency Market: Generating a More Complete Picture

Karen Ehrhardt-Martinez
John A. “Skip” Laitner
Technology and Standards
Economics and Financing
Urban Areas
Transport and Mobility
Energy Generation and Distribution

Since its inception in 1981, ACEEE has produced a wide variety of reports and assessments focused on energy efficiency as a low-cost, reliable alternative to our nation's growing energy demands. This report departs from ACEEE's traditional focus on energy efficiency as a resource and instead frames efficiency as an invisible powerhouse and an underappreciated investment opportunity. As such, this new ACEEE publication seeks to quantify the size and scope of current investments in energy efficiency technologies both in terms of dollars invested and labor employed. The core question driving the current assessment is, “How Big Is Energy Efficiency in the U.S.?” Despite numerous obstacles and challenges, the authors successfully develop credible estimates of current spending on efficiency and discuss how those investments compare to annual investments in conventional energy supply. The results suggest that our nation is not aware of the role that energy efficiency has played in satisfying our growing energy service demands.
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