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Organisation / Company: 
European Commission
Division / Departement: 
DG JRC, Directorate C - Energy, Transport and Climate
Scientific / Technical Project Officer


Thematic Area: 
Urban Areas
Energy Generation and Distribution
Cross-thematic Area: 
Policies and Targets
Technology and Standards
Economics and Financing
Behaviours and Social
Brief resume: 

Engineer, scientific project officer with the Renewables and Energy Efficiency unit. Coordinates the project E3P European Energy Efficiency Platform and jointly coordinates the project Energy and Location. Research interests include Smart cities and the use of satellite data for energy efficiency policies. Previously worked in Demand Response and participated in the development of the ITU recommendation L1440 - Methodology for the environmental impact assessment of ICT in cities. Participated in research on behaviours and energy. Past working experience in nuclear safeguards and information analysis.

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