Stefan M.
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+49.711 970-1156


Organisation / Company: 
Institute for Energy Efficiency in Production (EEP)
Head of International Affairs & Strategy


Thematic Area: 
Urban Areas
Cross-thematic Area: 
Policies and Targets
Technology and Standards
Economics and Financing
Behaviours and Social
Brief resume: 

Mr Stefan M. Buettner is Head of International Affairs and Strategy at the Institute for Energy Efficiency in Production (EEP, Stuttgart/Germany), for which he is member of the Energy Efficiency Financial Institutions Group of EU Commission & UNEP FI. He also works on a global policy & industry benchmark, called ‘The Energy Efficiency Barometer of the Industry’ and is member of the SE4All Industrial Energy Efficiency Accelerator. Mr Buettner co-led the secretariat of the German Federal Government’s Stakeholder Platform on Energy Efficiency until he was partially seconded as Senior Policy Advisor to IPEEC, the International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation (Paris/France), that has been tasked by the G20 summit in Brisbane/Australia late 2014 to coordinate the implementation of its Energy Efficiency Action Plan. At IPEEC, Mr Buettner had a focus on the G20, G7 and IPEEC activities related to Industry, Technologies, and Financial Flows for Energy Efficiency, where he was member of the Secretariat of the G20 Energy Efficiency Finance Task Group.

Mr Buettner has further expertise in low carbon innovation, smart cities, islands and mobility, as well as in energy productivity strategies through his work as Associate of the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation (ECCI, Edinburgh/Scotland) and member of the Scottish Sustainable Energy for All Platform.

Over the period of seven years, he worked as senior parliamentary advisor and office manager for various members of the Scottish Parliament, giving advice on energy efficiency, renewable energy, industry- and economic policy, as well as on skills and infrastructure. He is member of the International Steering Committee of the Energy Efficiency Global Forum and was International Advisor and Co-Author of the US Energy Strategy “Energy 2030” notably in the areas “Systems Integration”, “Transport, Land Use & Accessibility” and “Residential & Commercial Buildings”. As an international low carbon expert, he is involved in many further international high-level initiatives, working groups and workshops.

He studied International Economics in Tübingen/Germany and Boston/USA and held various positions optimizing processes and programmes in the academic environment.

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