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E2 Energy Efficiency for Industry


Thematic Area: 
Energy Generation and Distribution
Cross-thematic Area: 
Policies and Targets
Technology and Standards
Economics and Financing
Behaviours and Social
Brief resume: 

With over 13 years experience in sustainable energy and carbon markets media, training and events. I have created a multitude of programmes across 37 different countries and have a deep understanding of the evolution of energy economics, the impact of renewables and their declining cost curves be it geothermal, solar, wind, small hydro or biofuels. See Green Power

Recently I have turned my attention to improving Energy Efficiency for Industry and launched the E2 Industry platform to increase knowledge and best practice.

In turn we have launched a live event as part of the EC Commission's Sustainable Energy Week which includes nearly 30 major industrial corporations sharing best practice on improving their energy productivity through behavioural change, culture, energy management systems, lighting, process optimisation and the whole range of technological innovations. See E2 Brussels for full information

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