Organisation / Company: 
Nuertingen Geislingen University
Division / Departement: 
Energy economics


Thematic Area: 
Urban Areas
Cross-thematic Area: 
Policies and Targets
Economics and Financing
Behaviours and Social
Brief resume: 

Marc reads energy policy, energy efficiency and environmental economics as professor at Nuertingen Geislingen University, Germany.

As former official with the Directorate General Energy of the European Commission and with the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy he continues to be deeply involved in the development and economic assessment of national and European energy efficiency policy frameworks.

He supports policy-oriented research for several national energy action plans and key strategic EU policy actions (rapporteur for the Integrated Energy Roadmap of Horizon 2020, Energy Efficiency Directive, Energy Roadmap 2050, EU Energy 2020 and 2030 strategies).

Marc holds a Master in Economics from Mainz University and Université d’Angers, France and a PhD from Technical University of Chemnitz, Germany. His doctorate thesis focussed on energy policy measures to combat climate change.

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