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Urban Areas
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Technology and Standards
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Who we are

At Rheologic we are specialized in advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD). We are running projects all around fluid mechanics across a number of industries from banking over pharmaceutical to urban planning and industrial manufacturing and design processes.

What we offer

We are experts in simulating 3d, spatial and (optionally) temporal resolved fluid simulations. Our customers value speed - we complete projects in weeks not years and offer some unique specialities, just naming two:

  • Phase changes of arbitrary substances including all thermal effects: we can literally calculate where, how and how much cooler your wet finger becomes when you hold it into the wind. This has a wide range of applications from industrial drying / heating / cooling processes to microclimate and architecture (e.g. green roofs, walls, parks, ...), coating processes (e.g. spin coating), interiour climatisation, personal protective equipment (e.g. face masks), ... basically whereever something condensates or evaporates (we can do freezing, thawing and sublimating too).
  • Particle flows in closed or open geometries - from filling of molds with plastic particles to snow drift.

What we want

We are currently looking for industrial and public partners to apply our know-how in more specialized fields like for example the semiconductor industry for fabricating wavers in photolitographic processes or in urban planning to assess the influence of moisture and biogenous evapo-transpiration on urban microclimate and human wellbeing.

If that sounds interesting, drop us a line and let's talk!

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