Design of database and econometric model to assess the energy savings in residential and tertiary gas and electricity consumption

Bettina Hirl
Paolo Bertoldi
Policies and Targets
Energy Generation and Distribution

For the policy makers at national level it is important to know how effective energy policies and measures are, and in particular how much energy has been saved. This is especially important for the European Union Member States which have to contribute towards the EU 2020 energy saving target of 20%. Alongside the evaluation of the energy savings, it is also necessary to collect as much information and knowledge as possible about energy consumption trends and factors influencing energy consumption. To this end it is crucial that a monitoring and evaluation method is giving good and reliable results on the one hand and is relatively easy and straightforward to use in practice on the other hand. In the report a new methodology to quantifying the energy savings produced by energy efficiency measures and policies is described. The model input data includes energy consumption, climatic data, demographic data, and finally data on the diffusion of energy efficiency technologies.
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