Energy Efficiency Status Report 2012

Paolo Bertoldi
Bettina Hirl
Nicola Labanca
Policies and Targets
Technology and Standards
Economics and Financing
Urban Areas
Transport and Mobility
Energy Generation and Distribution

This report aims to show the present status of energy consumption in the residential and tertiary sectors in the EU-27 with a special focus on the electricity consumption of main household appliances and equipment. In addition, the report demonstrates the energy efficiency progress and estimates of saving potential of electrical energy in the EU-27 residential and tertiary sectors. The report summarises the most recent policy actions introduced at EU level and also outlines some of the important national policies regarding energy efficiency and energy consumption.

The report consists of three main parts. The first part (chapter 2) shows and analyses recent energy data for the residential sector. This includes data on total energy, electricity and gas consumption as well as consumption drivers like the economic and population growth, household characteristics and energy prices. The second part of the report (chapter 3) analyses energy consuming household appliances with a focus on electricity using appliances and lighting. The third part (chapters 4 and 5) concentrates on the tertiary sector showing the latest developments in energy efficiency and consumption of office equipment and data centres including consumption trends of office equipment and lighting.
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