Energy Service Companies Market in Europe, Status Report 2010

Policies and Targets
Economics and Financing
Energy Generation and Distribution

The present report is the 2007-2010 European ESCO status report, continuing the work of the "Latest Development of Energy Services Companies across Europe European" (Status Report 2007) published by the European Commission DG Joint Research Center in 2007 and which covered the European ESCO market development during 2005-2007. The first ESCO report of this series is Energy Service Companies in Europe (Status Report 2005) published by the European Commission DG Joint Research Center in 2005. The aim of the present report is to update and to investigate the specific situation in every country in more detail. To this end, the authors sketch the current status of national markets, and identify changes that have occurred during 2007-2010. In addition, the factors influencing the development are investigated. Specific barriers are identified and potential interventions to increase energy efficiency investments and to exploit energy saving potentials through ESCOs across Europe are discussed.
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