EU Code of Conduct on Energy Consumption of Broadband Equipment: Version 8.1

Paolo Bertoldi
Andre Lejeune
Policies and Targets

With the strong increase of the internet the energy consumption of data transmission has dramatically increased.

The potential new electrical load represented by this equipment needs to be addressed by EU energy and environmental policies. It is important that the electrical efficiency of broadband equipment is maximised, while not reducing the service provided.

The Code of Conduct sets out the basic principles to be followed by all parties involved in broadband equipment, operating in the European Community, in respect of energy efficient equipment.

The Code of Conduct sets the (maximum) electricity consumption for broadband equipment sold in the EU and manufactured or procured by participating companies.

To help all parties to address the issue of energy efficiency whilst avoiding competitive pressures to raise energy consumption of equipment all service providers, network operators, equipment and component manufacturers are invited to sign this Code of Conduct.

Due to fast technological development the technical specification of the broadband equipment have to be regularly updated. The present document in Version 8.1 valid for 2023 and following years.

More information is available on the Broadband Communication Equipment Codes of Conduct webpage.
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