The European GreenBuilding Projects Catalogue - January 2006-June 2010

Policies and Targets

The goal of substantially improving end-use energy efficiency and promoting the use of renewable energy sources is a key component of the EU energy and environmental policies, shared by all EU Member States. The European Commission Directorate General Energy and Transport contributes to this goal through a series of actions under the "Intelligent Energy - Europe" Programme. In addition, given the large share of energy consumption in buildings and the large cost effective energy saving potential, special attention has been dedicated to the building sector. To this end a major step forward is represented by the Directive 2002/91/EC on the Energy Performance of Buildings. The GreenBuilding Programme (launched in January 2005) is one of these actions, aimed specifically at private and public non-residential buildings. The GreenBuilding Programme is a European Commission voluntary programme through which non-residential building owners and occupiers, being private or public organisations, are aided in improving the energy efficiency and to introduce renewable energy sources into their building stock. Any enterprise, company or organisation (hereinafter defined as ¿organisation¿) planning to contribute to the GreenBuilding Programme objectives can participate.
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