ICT Code of Conduct Introductory guide for all applicants v.3.4.0

Paolo Bertoldi
Policies and Targets

This document provides guidance notes for organisations wishing to sign the EU Code of Conduct on Data Centre Energy Efficiency.
This document refers to;

1. The Introductory Guide (This document) - Version 3.4.0 (2023)
2. The Best Practices document - Version 14.1.0 (2023)
3. The Participant Guidelines and Registration Form - Version 3.1.0 (2017)
4. The Participant Reporting Form – Version 14.1.0 (2023)
5. The Endorser Guidelines and Registration Form – Version 3.1.2 (2016)

All documents can be found on the E3P ICT Code of Conduct for Data Centres Group.


More information available at the EU Code of Conduct on Data Centres webpage.


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