More about the WikEE

The wikEE is the first dedicated wiki for Energy Efficiency

The wikEE is the collaborative tool where energy efficiency experts can share and exchange written knowledge and connect scattered information.

The wikEE allows experts to directly write Articles, to share, comment and discuss any form of content related to energy efficiency: best practices, analyses of data, interpretations of trends, in one of the six thematic areas (Buildings, Products, Cities and Urban Areas, Industry, Transport and Mobility, and Energy Generation and Distribution) and in the four cross-thematic areas (policies and targets, technology and standards, economics and finance, behaviours and social).

Articles can be linked to E3P internal content (e.g. to other Articles, Datasets in the Data Hub, News, Events) or to external content (links to websites).

Experts can browse, add, comment on, save and share wikEE articles, thus making the wikEE a lively place where the energy efficiency community can collectively consolidate its knowledge basis.

Who can create a wikEE article?

Any expert can create a wikEE article, provided that s/he is registered (login) and has been granted contributors' rights (How to update my profile).

Why creating and sharing wikEE articles?

Because articles allow for written collaboration, they are the building blocks of the energy efficiency knowledge. They are supported and strengthened by the quantitative evidence provided by the datasets stored in the Data Hub and by the additional content of the E3P (publications, news, events, webforms). 

For example the JRC report the Covenant of Mayors in figures and performance indicators: 6 years' assessment is readily accessible in the wikEE and contains tables and figures available in the Data Hub.

In the wikEE articles are fully available to other experts: users can discover and browse articles and find all related E3P conten.

What about copyrights?

Rights and obligations of the users who make use of the content of Commission's websites are clarified in the EC legal notice.

Rights and obligations of the JRC to make use of user's contributions on the E3P website are clarified in the E3P Terms of Use. Users need to agree on the E3P terms of use when registering on the E3P.


How to work with a wikEE article?

This site is in beta version - some features may be unstable. Please report issues to the E3P Webmaster using the contact form.