Energy Services Market in the EU Workshop

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Energy services and the use of energy service companies (ESCOs) can play a critical role in promoting energy efficiency at the market level. Operational since the early 1990s, ESCOs can handle projects, manage or mobilize financial resources, undertake installation and maintenance work as well as assume the performance risk of their projects. Their potential to unlock the energy saving potential in the market is recognized by various EU directives and initiatives in the European context. Despite their well-established track record of delivering substantial energy savings, the energy service market in the European Union is, however, far from utilizing its full potential, even in countries with a particularly developed energy services market.

The Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, on behalf of DG ENER, organised a workshop in Brussels on the 22 October 2015 with the aim to discuss the current status of the Energy Services market in the EU. Good practices in the public sector were presented and the status of energy services in the private sector was discussed. Ideas on the use of model contracts, innovative financing, M&V plans, certification and accounting issues were also exchanged among the participants. The workshop was attended by national representatives responsible for the implementation of the Energy Efficiency Directive, practitioners, associations and policy experts in the field.

Opening Session
Overview of EU energy services market by DG JRC, Marina Economidou 1.54 MB
ESCO project summary by EASME, Vincent Berruto 481 KB
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