Workshop on Annual energy savings generated through energy efficiency obligation schemes and alternative measures implemented under EED Article 7

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The EU Member States have submitted their fourth annual reports due by 30 April 2016 in accordance with Article 24(1) of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED). These reports include information concerning energy savings achieved in 2014 through the national energy efficiency obligation schemes referred to in Article 7(1) or the alternative measures adopted in application of Article 7(9) in accordance with EED Annex XIV Part 1 point (e).

It is therefore possible for the first time to discuss and analyse how and whether the measures implemented by Member States have actually allowed achieving the annual energy savings requirement under Article 7 of the EED.

Day 1


Overview of energy savings achieved in 2014 as notified by EU Member States in their fourth annual reports Lelde Kiela-Vilumsone, DG ENER PPT

Session I: Lessons learned from the measurement, verification and validation of reported savings under Art. 7 and corrective actions possibly taken

Examples under the existing EEOSs Gregor Thenius, Austrian Energy Agency PPT

Session II: Assessment of cost-effectiveness of implemented EEOSs and alternative measures and factors which were detrimental to it

Examples under the existing EEOSs Poland's case Tadeusz Skoczkowski, Warsaw University of Technology PPT
Examples under the alternative measures Vlasis Oikonomou, Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy, NL PPT

Day 2

Session I: Energy savings achieved under EEOSs for the purpose of Article 7

EEOS in Italy Alberto Jr. Pela, Gestore dei Servizi Energetici SpA – GSE PPT
EEOS in France Marie Pausader, Ministry of Energy, Environment and the Sea PPT
EEOS in Denmark Peter Bach, Danish Energy Agency PPT
EEOS in Ireland Kenneth Cleary, Department of Communications, Climate Action & Environment PPT
EEOS in Bulgaria Tsvetomira Kulevska, SEDA PPT

Session II: Energy savings achieved under alternative measures

Financing schemes and other incentives for buildings retrofits Vladimir Sochor, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic PPT
Alternative measures in buildings and transport Alan Bezzina, The Energy & Water Agency - Malta PPT
Energy efficiency national funds Tadeja Kovačič, Eco Fund, Slovenia PPT
Alternative measures in the industry sector Antonius J.J. Bolder, Netherlands Enterprise Agency PPT
Energy taxes Rurik Holmberg, Swedish Energy Agency PPT
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