Workshop on Provision of Highly Efficient Heating and Cooling Solutions for Residential Buildings

Policies and Targets

This is the first of two regional workshops (this one with focus on Southern European countries:  France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, etc.) on how directed work towards consumers can contribute to efficient heating and cooling solutions (products, installer services, other energy services, self-production) building renovation advice; evaluation and recommendations of energy professionals (auditors, service providers, ESCOs, etc.) in follow up of the Heating and Cooling Strategy (COM(2016)51). The workshops will focus on the following topics:

  • Energy efficiency solutions with focus on heating and cooling (e.g. heat pumps, solar thermal, etc.), and building renovation (including also information on some policy tools such as national/regional Buildings Codes (part of the national implementation of the EPC) and Energy Performance Certificates).
  • Financing options for energy efficiency improvements in residential buildings.
  • Local available providers of energy efficiency solutions such as utilities, ESCOs, installers, manufacturers.
  • consumer rights vis-à-vis energy efficiency services (provided by utilities, ESCOs, installers) in particular on claims future energy savings resulting by installation of EE solutions or guarantees for equipment installed or contract with utilities for packages including energy and equipment or on split incentives (landlord-tenant conflicts for investment in EE solutions).
  • Tools, media and best way to provide the information (social media, website, personal advice, feedback and billing, energy audits, etc.)

The workshop will also include presentations on improving the capabilities of existing national contact points for energy with respect to energy efficiency solution, in particular with respect to consumer financing and financial support schemes in the concerned Member States, and will also exchange best practices for contact points. The workshops will include elements on consumer rights vis-s-vis the provision of energy services.

Event Presentations: 
The Policy Context
Rados Horacek, European Commission, DG ENER
Event Session: 
Opening Session
Office presentation icon Download (4.07 MB)
Using the ESCO model for the residential sector: challenges and barriers
Vlasta Zanki, HEP - ESCO d.o.o., Croatia
File Download (8.63 MB)
The LEMON project using EPC in Social Housing
Claudia Carani - AESS Modena, Italy
Office presentation icon Download (5.69 MB)
Case History - Rete Irene an integrated approach for the existing building renovation
Mario Tramontin, Trivella & Rete Irene, Italy
PDF icon Download (2.3 MB)
Upgrading the energy performance of residential buildings in Cyprus: Energy Services, Barriers & Opportunities
Savvas Vlachos, CEA, Cyprus
PDF icon Download (1.3 MB)
Deep renovation of multifamily buildings: opportunities driven by municipalities
Chiara Wolter, Ambiente Italia, Italy
Office presentation icon Download (7.35 MB)
Financing options for energy efficiency improvements in residential buildings in Greece
Harris Andreosatos, Centre for Renewable Energy Sources, Greece
PDF icon Download (3.78 MB)
Financing Energy Efficiency in Private Housing in Italy
Gabriella Azzolini, ENEA, Italy
File Download (1.06 MB)
The PAREER CRECE Programme: Deep energy renovation of existing buildings in Spain
Samuel Casado González, IDAE, Spain
PDF icon Download (2.45 MB)
Energy renovation of residential buildings in Croatia
Mladen Ilijević, FZOEU, Croatia
PDF icon Download (6.37 MB)
Building codes to local renovation supply chains: From national policies to your house - effective links in the chain to an energy efficient future
Stewart Wilson, Tighean Innse Gall (TIG), UK
PDF icon Download (2.74 MB)
Promotion of energy efficiency in Croatia
Anamarija Brstilo, FZOEU, Croatia
PDF icon Download (3.46 MB)
Information to consumers: The Swedish example
Liv Balkmar, Swedish energy agency, Sweden
PDF icon Download (1.87 MB)
Consumer energy advice in Finland; approach and examples
Harri Heinaro, Motiva, Finland
File Download (8.71 MB)
How to connect a virtual and real world of energy?
Bojan Žnidaršič , VITRA, Slovenia
Office presentation icon Download (2.93 MB)
Experience in engaging consumers towards energy efficiency
Carolina Gouveia DECO’s (Portuguese Association for Consumer Protection), Portugal
File Download (5.15 MB)
The CLEAR experience: providing information and valuable solutions to consumers
Luisa Villa, Altroconsumo, Italy
File Download (11.27 MB)
Are you ready for an extraordinary trip through Italy to the House of Energy Efficiency?
Cecilia Pasini, Homo Condòmini Tour, Italy
PDF icon Download (127.31 KB)
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