E3P Launch: Discussion points on Products Thematic Table

Created by
Tiago SERRENHO Scientific Project Officer
European Commission - DG JRC, Directorate C - Energy, Transport and Climate

At the E3P launch on the 5th of April 2016, in the afternoon period, a Parallel session on Products launched the discussion on what type of content should/could be present in the Products part of the European Energy Efficiency Platform.

The discussion, led by Paolo Bertoldi, from the JRC had the following points

 a)Products related content in the E3P

 b)What could be contributed by participants?

 c) Future development of the E3P and participants' needs


Points taken during  the discussion:

--> Smart metering is collecting a lot of data. Is Europe working on a way to collect and treat in order to use data collected by smart meters? A: Smart meter data is a still a question mark. User does not receive the up to date metering.

Enervie- google of energy. provide a unique way to advice you to purchase a certain type of product.

Covenant of Germany: Proposal for a call of use market data for market surveillance. 

Government of China: introduced a QR code on label of appliances. Data collection analysis with this QR code.

Q: Is anyone in Europe looking into this examples and trying to implementing them?


--> Enervie: Similar to Topten.eu.

Useful if we could use this portal the data that it is available from EU funded studies. The portal could be used to collect all EC funded data. 

      - DG ENER, DG GROW, DG ENV studies funded for Ecodesign, Ecolabel, others, have the data

      - Preparatory studies for Products could be used to populate the E3P

      - Data used to preparing Impact Assessment also should be divulged


--> Global Energy Efficiency Program - Accelerator with information on Appliances (Guidance note on lighting)

4E Program Implementing agreement - Different test methods. Huge resources on gathering data collection

QR codes- In Australia use Smartphones to compare appliances

World Bank Rise initiative: Are countries doing monitoring verification


--> TO DO ?: Put a list of all initiatives gathering data.


--> Labelling information: For policiy evaluation is very important tool for data analysis. Data collection on Labelling to be shared? 


--> Maybe the platform to share all non proprietary models?


--> We can't highlight enough the importance the data of time of use of products. Very important on policy making. How consumers use them, in terms of modes, time of use.


--> We can also have a section on Standards. A fiche to each product and standard so you can see the state of the standard.


--> Overview of what's outthere (like ECEEE). All studies not only the ones coming from standardization


--> Data hub: UK had dataset open to public. Accessed never! Not that many people interested in working with raw data. A repository would be very useful. Not raw data. Links to UK Smart meter household data (20Gb 10k households) (Market transformation?)


--> Ademe: recently big issue on cars measurements. In France a consumer association raised the same issue for appliances. Maybe methodology is not accurate? How could the platform could advertise that data is coming from the test measurements in order to inform consumers.


--> What is the aim of the platform? Who is the user? If you put raw data, you need someone to treat the data --> For Researchers, Agencies, Policy makers. We populate the data, qualify the data and you have a place to get data on EE.

--> We can create a section on already implemented projects (PB)






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