Navigation path European Commission JRC Energy Efficiency Proceedings of EEMODS'11 - 7th International Conference on Energy Efficiency in Motor Driven Systems

Paolo Bertoldi
Gueorgui Trenev
Policies and Targets
Technology and Standards

Within the Project Electric Motor Systems Annex EMSA of the International Energy Agency’s Implementing Agreement 4E (Efficient Electrical End-Use Equipment) a reference guide of successful programs and policies for implementing motor systems efficiency all over the world is developed. The first part consisted of reviewing existing policy instruments with focus on motor systems efficiency in the area of industrial applications. Instruments described are mandatory minimum energy performance standards – MEPS, legal or voluntary labels, energy management schemes and audit programs, rebate programs, training and education programs, financial incentives (taxes, funding schemes, credits…), public awareness raising programs and information platforms. The regions for the policy analysis included: USA, China, Australia, European Union (some European Union member countries and Switzerland). As it was not possible to consider all countries with relevant motor policies or general/industrial demand side programs, the focus were on programs of participating countries and on two major countries (US, China). The Austrian Energy Agency summarized the most relevant elements of these policy instruments in a standardized form. Aspects assessed were: program goal, calculation methods, success evaluation (e.g. energy savings), enforcement, compliance and financial considerations. In the end, recommendations for successful program design were formulated and a mix of policy measures was proposed: mandatory minimum energy performance standards, information and education and financial incentives. This paper summarizes the results of the policy overview and gives some outlooks and ideas on future motor policies.
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